how can i prevent a rooster from crowing?


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Feb 1, 2009
Suffolk County,NY
i have some silkies that i wanted to breed because i thought they were quiet birds. then i found out that they are very loud. is there any way to prevent a rooster from crowing or is there any thing i can give him?
thanks mike
you could give him to me.........
Try a long soak in simmering broth...

But seriously, I've heard of methods others have mentioned, usually with roosters they're trying to keep quiet because they're in a residential neighborhood where they aren't allowed to keep them. But IMO, they're not ideal conditions for long-term chicken care, and should only be used in dire circumstances.

They include keeping the roo in a darkened cage (so he won't crow too early in the morning), keeping him in a low-roofed enclosure so he can't stretch his neck up to crow, and paying a vet to sever his crowing pipes.

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, roosters gotta crow. If you, or neighbors, cannot bear the sound, then don't keep roosters.
Honestly, I have the best neighbors in the world. When I first had my rooster, I called them ALL and told them if he's a bother, just say so and he'll be GONE immediately. I have never had a complaint; maybe that's because I don't let the loudmouth out of the coop until 10 A.M. after everyone's up and busy. HOWEVER, his nonstop crowing might not bother my neighbors, but it's literally driving me bonkers, so I am now in the process of walling in the end twelve feet of my barn (making a 12x24 sound-proof chicken coop out of it). He and his three hens are going in there, and he ain'ta never gonna come out again.
I'm so glad you asked that question. I've been wanting to know the same thing but was afraid to ask. I would love to have a rooster and raise a self sustaining flock but I can't sleep through a rooster crowing half the night and most of the day too. They don't just conveniently crow at dawn. We had a wandering rooster decide to roost in the top of our huge, thick, blue spruce next to my bedroom window. Tried everything we could think of to catch him. Giant fishing net, soft nice words, food, etc. After a week of hot summer sleepless nights, near insanity, grumpy mornings, and unsuccessful attempts to flush him out at 2 a.m., we finally convinced him to leave and he took off like the roadrunner into the next county.
My DH and the neighbors hate roosters because of this. If you can find a crowless rooster please please let me know.
It's fortunate that I don't mind the sound of roosters crowing, I much prefer hearing them than many other sounds coming from my or my neighbors' yards. Sounds like throbbing bass recordings (sorry, I can't call them music) that resonate through the house foundation, a chained dog with a ceaseless dry bark that won't ever stop not even to take a breath, electric generators stationed in front of metal garage doors so the thrum echoes and reverberates 5X louder, frequent revving of engines being repaired and tested, especially those of airboats.

I also have guineas, so perhaps my perspective, as well as my sanity, is questionable.

I have had some roosters whose individual crows were particularly irritating, I remember especially a little Silver Sebright named Hors d'oeuvre who sounded like a rusty wind-up toy. Because of that, and because he was also a committed ankle-stabber, it was a wonderful relief to re-home him.

But most of the others are certainly tolerable to hear, and some are a pure pleasure. I had a White Jersey Giant named Buck who had a marvelous baritone crow, it was like listening to a Barry White record.
Haha, sound-proof, really? Cool!

I hear ya SunnySide, my neighbor has a generator. It's on A LOT! Very annoying. However, w/ my roosters coming into crow soon, I'm sure we'll be EVEN.

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