How can I stop my hen from sleeping in the nesting box?


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Oct 15, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
My Columbian Wyandotte, Cupcake started to sleep in the nesting box and of course poop in it. My other hens stopped laying in there. If they do lay in there, the eggs are covered in poop! please help!
Chickens prefer to be high, thinking maybe raise the roost? Is your roost roomy enough for all? Close off the nest box at night, opening in the morning.

My roost is above my "nest box" with a poop board under it :) However my current 4BO (24wks) choose to roost on the lowest roost which has not poop board under it. So I've been putting them up where I want them roosting at night for the past week :( It worked for my prior 4BO but these are being very stubborn.
Yes raise roost above height of nests...and make sure there is enough roost length for all the birds.

You can also cover nests.

More info on your flock and coop would help:
-flock size(numbers, ages, genders)
-coop(size in feet by feet with pics)
I have 7 hens. 3 sleep in the roost with the nesting boxes and the other 4 sleep in what we call "The Duplex" Another part that we created connected with a tunnel. I will post a pic later.

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