How Can You Tell If An Egg Is Hardboiled?

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    Short of cracking it open, how do you tell which eggs have been hardboiled? I got the eggs mixed up when I did not know dh had hardboiled some, and I added eggs to the wrong bowl. oops!!
  2. lay it on its side and spin it... a hard boiled egg will spin evenly. one that is not cooked will spin but then get lop sided as the yolk moves to one side or the other....
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    Jul 9, 2007
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    Oh cool, I'm going to go try that!!
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    Oct 16, 2008
    spin it. boiled egg is solid and will spin easily and for a longer time than an uncooked egg.
    the uncooked egg is full of liquid and will usually not spin more than 3 times or so..

    NOW, I am going to piggy back with a question.. I am new here
    as of yesterday..10-16-08

    I cannot figure out how to post a new question.. I am building a chicken plucker and I need rubber plucker fingers.. I tried "search" with no success.

    how do I post a new question??

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    Using my thumb and first two fingers, I gave the eggs a twirl. The eggs that are hardboiled spun quite easily. The ones that were not hardboiled were harder to get to spin. They just did not really want to. With the exception of one of my silkies eggs that was quite pointed, it spun quickly and was not boiled, guess the point and size kept the yolk from moving!!

    Thanks for the tip!!
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    Quote:For plucker fingers, click on the "Meat Birds Etc" topic area (from the main index). Now you should see a listing of all the current threads about meat birds. Look in the upper righthand corner of that list -- there is a button that says "post new topic" or something to that effect. Do that [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun, welcome to byc,

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    jvls1942, Near the top of the screen in the blue bar, click index, then click on the category you want to post a new topic in. You will see 'post new topic' in the same place as you usually see 'post reply'

    welcome [​IMG]
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    Couldn't you candle it like you do when looking at a fertile egg? The raw egg should let more light in, while the boiled egg shouldn't & it should look dark cuz it's cooked. I don't have any boiled eggs or I'd try to see. [​IMG] Boiled eggs don't last long around here. [​IMG] I always use a pencil & mark a "B" on the end of any boiled eggs before I put them in the frig, that way I can even combine boiled & raw eggs in the same egg carton if needed & anyone can tell the difference by looking at the eggs. (something my Mom used to do). [​IMG]
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    I gently shake them next to my ear. You can tell which one is liquid and which one is solid.
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    We have always decorated the hard boiled eggs as soon as they cool and are dry so we know which are which. When I first got married my husband complained that he went to fry an egg and it was hard boiled. I asked if he did not see that it had a face on it. He just gave me that look. Now he draws faces on the hard boiled eggs.
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