How cold can we chickens get, comfily?

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    Aug 3, 2015
    We're sittin here inside, woodstove roaring, a mere 7 below outside, tho with fairly strong windchill, wondering/arguing if we should turn on the heatlamp overnight. I say no, but could use your expert support. Plus I'm curious how cold it can get for chickens to reasonably withstand? Thanks and Happy New Year to All, Nick the Chickn. Just call me Roo
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    Temperature isn't as big of a deal as wind. If they are out of the wind, but have appropriate air flow, they can handle those temps just fine. But it also depends on your breeds too, if you have a specialty breed, they may need more considerations. But my red sex links and buff orphington are doing just fine in those same temps with no heat.
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    As long as they are dry and out of the elements and have proper roosts they will be fine. Acclimating is better than heating which can make it harder on chickens. We will occasionally get -20's with -40 wind chills and they do shiver a bit but everyone does okay. Remember your chickens have nice down filled coats on and they burn hotter than us. If you feel guilty feed them some warm mash or oatmeal and throw down some scratch to get them moving around.
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    It was 4 degrees above zero Fahrenheit when I took this. I leave the pop door open and let them decide. As long as the wind is not blowing, they always choose outside.

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    The person who thinks they need a heat lamp should put on their down coat, and down pants, and sit back down next the woodstove. ;-)
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