How cold is TOO cold for a chicken?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ChickenNOOB, Oct 15, 2008.

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    That's another reason I don't bring my dogs inside on really cold nights like they all advise...they are already acclimated to the temps, bringing them in to a hot stove all night and letting them out in the frigid morning air could not be good for them. Dogs have been surviving for thousands of years in cold have chickens. [​IMG]
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    Mar 20, 2008
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    What do you supplement their feed with to provide more protein?

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    Another thing you could do for them is to give them sgratch grain. This itself helps their body heat rise a little. Just a thought.
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    Sunflower seeds are 24% protein and have a nice amount of fat, as well. Black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS) are readily available at Walmart or feedstores.

    I grew about 30 mammoth sunflowers in the garden and saved all the big old seed heads, they are dried and stored in a barrel for an indoor treat on the coldest winter days. Some of the heads are a foot and a half across, and crammed plumb full of seeds.
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    Temps are getting down to the 30's at night here. I have a heat lamp for the 3week olds in the coop right now. Funny thing is that when I go out in the morning all the chickens are on the cold side of the coop! Silly chickens!
  6. As I hold our sex links, I can feel and see the white down on their bodies. It has been getting thicker as the weather gets cooler, just like a feather pillow! I am going to insulate the "My Little Playhouse," but I dont plan on heating, or lighting. A bowl warmer will be a good idea though...To each his/her own regarding their birds. Personally, I would want mine to be the toughest, hardiest around.
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    Quote:You have to try REALLY hard not to SQUEEEEEZE em!
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    got down to 34 in the coop last night, got to check and see if the fluffers are doing ok.... I am sure they are, but the husband is worried.
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    I did some winterizing this weekend and put up some plastic strips in front of their little door. That night I went down to shut the coop and found them all huddled up outside! Silly chickens! I pushed them through the door that night and the next morning and now they know they can just walk through.

    It has been in the 30's here at night but the coop in the morning seems toasty enough. I'm not sure what I will do about the water but I am not planning on heating the coop for the chickens. I haven't turned the heat on in the house, either!
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    Cool!!! I was going to do the same thing and figured my chickens would be equally clueless. Glad to know that they can learn.

    I read on one of these postings that the birds stay warmer on one roost, so the job this week is to take down the two tree branches that they have been chillin' on and put in the 2x4 across the whole length so they can all sit together. Then I have some more insulation to put in the ceiling and on the one roost wall - that should do it! Come on, snow!

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