How cold is TOO cold for a chicken?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ChickenNOOB, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Quote:The difference being that they are wearing an incredibly insulated layer of feathers and down and you are not. They are also acclimated to the outdoors and you are not. Last but not least, they were designed to live outdoors without protection and you were not. [​IMG] Therefore, they would not be uncomfortable at the same temps that you would be.

    We get single digits here and the chickens are largely unaffected, do not huddle around acting chilled...they are out doing their chicken things like nothing of it! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I fee the same way about people who live in hot sticky climates. Eew!



    In 1999 I decided that I was going to move to Pennsylvania (Latrobe) because my children from my first wife lived there. I got the in autumm and it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. It quickly went downhill from there. First off, you have to go to something called a state store to buy beer. woof.
    Second, I fell down more times than anybody else in the state that year do to snow. Its all nice a soft looking in the movies. Wrong. It gets so cold there I actually hurt all over. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Crazy Yankees.
    You guys are a tough lot, I'll say that for ya.

    Any how, spring came and I was outa there

    You have to get used to it and then its no big thing. Now....going somewhere that's hot and humid all the time would take some real getting used to for us winter birds. You can only take off so many clothes til yer down to making the neighbors sick! [​IMG]
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    I like my year round temps between 45-70 for the day time high. I think I'll stay in the PNW within 20 miles of the coast or large body of water if I can help it.
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    Mine are so spoiled, any time the temp drops below 50 degrees F, I turn on a 60 watt light isn each coop.
    That does it for them. I have had chickens roost outside in the snow. It is funny when they get ready to come down they shake off the snow like a dog. If the snow is deep enough, it makes for a soft landing.
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    Quote:Chickens have multiple times the thermal mass of a chickadee and are perfectly capable of living outdoors just like a chickadee (I am the one who made that analogy).

    As has been stated already, what chickens need protection from are dampness and drafts in the winter. I see the local farm chickens out all winter long around here, maybe not after a huge snowstorm, but pretty soon afterwards!
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    Quote:I think its very pretty where you are silkie - I was there last weekend in fact [​IMG] (Near Kelso) Anyhoo - I think I'd have a problem living there with all the rain and cloudy days, I struggle enough with winter blues.
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    Quote:Aw contrair (sp?) We do the river thing alot and I enjoy the long season and the female gazing for 9 months. Dang, maybe thats why I am into my second divorce. [​IMG]
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    I think I'd have a problem living there with all the rain and cloudy days, I struggle enough with winter blues.

    Me, too. I lived in WA state for a while. Dry sunny cold is much better than wet dark cold. Summers there were really nice and sunny, though.

    I was thinking of making a covered run for my chickens for snowy days. Better be getting to it, if it's to happen this year.​
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    Quote:Lol I am so glad I am not the only one! Mine don't have a heater yet, but they will in the new coop...and A/C too [​IMG] My kids think they should have a flat screen tv too [​IMG]
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    I am so glad someone asked this because I won't be able to heat my coop as I have no electricity and it is too far from the to run some. I still have a couple of spots to block up near the roof that are big enough to let the body heat escape but am hoping everyone stays warm enough otherwise. Of course we don't even get into the teens much.

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