How deep does the water need to be for drinking?


10 Years
May 2, 2009

I'm new to ducks. I have the ducklings I just got in with a standard chicken type waterer from TSC. They seem to be drinking from it, they make a funny noise when they drink. Is this adequate until they get larger or do they need deeper water now?


They have long bills, I am not confident they are getting there nostrils under water. I better go find a new water thing.


I've never had a problem with chick type waterers. If they are a day or so old, they could drown in deeper water. Wait until they are older until you give them deeper water.
They will not drown, they really need to be able to submerge their nostrils. I have put mine in a bathtub(supervised) full of water withing days of hatching, no drownings it is their instinct.
Until you have one drown, I'm sure you don't believe it.

The Storey Guide to raising ducks advises that you put pebbles in the bottom of a chick type waterer for the first few days. I haven't found that to be necessary,but you never know . . . .
I use meatloaf pans and put a big rock in the bottom so they dont dump it over...It is deep enough for them to clean out the nose and not to big for them to drown or take up too much room in the brooder...
I would suggest cutting a hole large enough for head, but not body in a milk carton. For the babies I use a 1/2 gallon plastic jug on it's side. They can and will drown in a bowl at this age. Not fun...they are your babies, so you have to keep them safe.

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