How did I miss that???????


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Jun 1, 2008
I have marans going into the hatcher today. I am concerned about the small air cells even though I dry incubated
I did a final candling and realized 1 was incubated the whole time upside down in the carton
They were dated and I just left them the way I was given them, I'm just surprised I didn't notice sooner, even though they are hard to candle, just not sure how I missed it
Here's to hoping they hatch despite me

Good luck and happy hatching vibes going your way!!!! Wow, I have never heard of one being incubated upside down. Can you see in the egg enough to tell if it developed well or not? I HATE trying to candle dark eggs!!!! I hope they all do just great for you!!!!
I actually thought it was no good, but then it moved! It looks a little smaller which is why I thought it was bad. Not holding much hope it is developed properly. Will see.......
Ya know, I don't know if it is just position in the bator (cooler temps in some areas) or what, but I ALWAYS have some that look a little smaller on my day 18 candling and generally assume they won't make it. Most of the time they are just fine and hatch right along with everyone else.
I hope she does great!!!
keep an eye on that one, if it pips on the wrong end she may suffocate (from what I've researched, never done it before myself). I've read that people on here will make sure the hole is large enough for the chick to get air, but that's it. As long as the chick has air she will probably be all right.
I have a baby in my current hatch that pipped upside down. I took it out of the egg carton and placed it back on the tray of the bator. It is taking forever to get going. 7 babies are out that pipped well after this poor one. Not sure it will make it as obviously it has been upsidedown for a while.

Hoping your little one makes it. Sometimes they surprise us!
I am hoping that since it is day 18 it will right itself in time to pip properly, guess we will see
Hope your little one does ok
I hope it turns out well for you!
Don't give up!
The eggs may be late, since the chick has to turn itself around to get in the right position for hatching.
Yes, I hate waiting too!

So don't be surprised if the hatch is a day or two delayed.
Good luck!

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