How do I find out what I can and can't mail to Turkey?


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Mar 6, 2008
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My husband was kinda pouty when he found out I discovered how to make caramel dip on here...he LOVES caramel apples. I offered to mail him a can but he said it wouldn't do him any good because he can't get decent apples (or any apples) most of the time. Now he has only been there a couple of months so this may change, but I don't know. Anyway, he will be there 15 months so I would like to send him some...the dip and the apples. I know there are lots of regulations on importing and exporting produce but how would I find out if I can legally mail him apples to Turkey? I have no clue where to even begin looking. Thanks!!!
Hmmm.....dried apples is an idea...but I can see him turning up his nose. *SIGH* I swear he better be glad he is a great husband...feeding that man is a CHORE!!! LOL
OH! I feel your pain!!!! Mine is GIVE ME BEEF! When I serve chicken or like last night, cornish games hens with homemade stuffing and an AWESOME red wine sauce, he is like "Thanks. So beef tomorrow?"
I am sure though that the local base there can tell you EVERYTHING that is not allowed to ship from the US. I am not sure it matters so much where it is going, but that it is leaving the US. amaze me!!!! Your dinner sounds AWESOME!!! I would prefer almost ANYTHING to beef most days (alright, unless it is roast

When I first met my husband he wouldn't eat ANYTHING that wasn't pre-packaged. His mom can't cook and his first wife couldn't cook so the poor man was scared! It took years of teaching him what is good but he is MUCH better and whines for my cooking now.

I may try asking first at my post office. They may know more about it than I think they would.

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