How do I get my chicken to like to be held?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 3littlechickies, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Hi! [​IMG]

    I have three chickens and one of them does not like being held. She is a ten week old barred rock. She was fine being held as a baby. I held all three of them a lot so they would be comfortable being held when they were older. She squaks loudly when I pick her up and is very squirmy being held. [​IMG] When I put her down she is squirmy too and ens up flying out of my hands. I try to sit and have her sit on my lap but she usually doesn't like that either. I love her [​IMG] and just want to hold her. I have also hand fed all of them treats. Do some chickens just not like being held? My other two are totally fine being held. Thanks so much!! [​IMG]

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    Right, some just don't like it. They might come around, they might not. I have 4 out of 6 who don't mind, or will voluntarily fly onto my lap or the seat next to me. One of those I didn't hold much at all as a baby, she's just so calm and sweet and will hang out with me outside doing yard work. Her and another will run to me at first sight.

    They have phases too. One bird, she required extra attention and lot's of hand feeding to get over an issue she had as a baby, then she went wild when she felt better, but now she's settled back down and will try to nap on my lap or even sun bathe, all sprawled out across my leg. She's a goof.

    It helps not to push them. If they want held, they'll fly onto you. If I go out back and sit on the ground, they cluster around me. If one wants held, she hops onto my knee. Treats help too. But they build more trust when you don't snatch them up to hold them, and let them do it themselves or just let them enjoy being near you but not on you. One of the birds that doesn't like being held is coming closer and closer, and being more relaxed. So long as I don't reach for her.

    Some want to be pets, others are too "busy". Seems to be a temperament thing, as I don't baby the babies much, but some still turn out to be fantastic pets. Some will come just for food and won't let you touch them, others come whether they want the food or not. Splashes, my tamest, doesn't normally eat much, she'd rather just hang out nearby. Doesn't flinch when I pet her, just stands there. Talks back if you talk to her. She's a funny bird.
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