Solved how do I start a new thread on the forum page?

Go to the forum in which you wish to post, click on the section of that forum that you wish to post in, in the upper left hand corner is a blue box "Start a new thread" - click here and start your thread. Welcome to our poultry community.
I don't have the blue box. I am signed in but no ability to start a thread

I am going to guess that you are reading a thread or have one open when you are looking for the "start a new thread" box. It isn't there when a thread is open. Go to Forums (top of page) and click on the forum you want. Then the box shuld be there.
I see one at the top of THIS "open thread", as well as another at the bottom:

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Start a New Thread
Yes, sorry, you're right. But this only lets you start a thread in this forum. You have to figure out how to find the forum you need in order to start a thread where it needs to be, such as Emergencies, Ducks, etc. We often have to move threads to their correct forum.
First, click on "forum" at the top to get the view of all the forums, then click on the one you want. (You can click on the screenshots to make them larger.)

Then click on the forum you want. I chose "Raising Baby Chicks." Now I can click on the blue box to start a new thread.

The blue box is circled.
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