how do I upload pictures?

I guess I am not very computer savy. I go to that site. I see the browse button, I hit it and it shows me my different programs what do I do next. Talk like you are instructing a two year old. sigh..Jean
Look through the list it gives you until you come upon one of your saved pictures. Click to upload that file. Then when you are done uploading, it will be in the section marked "my uploads" in the lower right corner. Copy the image line and paste it in your post. I preview before I submit to make sure it worked.
Here is what my son taught me last night.
uploads on your page/browse/look up your file of photos in images or thumbnail so you can see them/open the one you want/resize to fit on site/submit button/in the line with jpeg information remove (img) at the beginning and end of line/ then copy image with right click and go to my page edit when it brings you to the toolbar of my page edit click on the photo of the tree upper right/ it gives you image url/ paste the copy with a right click on that line then insert. It goes to your page. Cut and move it to where you want to place it.
I am sure there is a better way too, but this worked for my page!!Good luck or get a teenager to help they know it all you know!!
I am not entirely happy with the new Upload BYC feature either. When I finally figured it out (could not upload directly from Flickr but had to paste it from Flickr to computer to BYC which was cumbersome), I pasted a new photo to my Personal Page and ended up wiping out the bottom half of my coop page, and even then, the new picture did not appear. I'm not about to do all the work to re-create the erased coop text and photos.

I'm done with doing anything more to my Personal Page.
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