How do my revisions to this city code look????

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Columbia, SC
    This is the Columbia, South Carolina statute, which I have revised. Brackets indicate a deletion - underlining an addition. Only 4-33 and 4-34 have any changes. The current code appears to be internally inconsistent inasmuch as 4-33 prohibits keeping fowl and livestock but 4-34 allows it if the pens are more than 500 ft away from buildings. My revisions don't really resolve the issue but I'm not sure that matters. Let me know what you think!



    Sec. 4-31. Livestock and fowl running at large.
    It shall be unlawful for any person who may own or have under his control any horse, mule, ass, jennet, swine, sheep, goat, goose, chicken and other fowl, or cattle of any description to allow or permit the animal or fowl to run at large within the corporate limits of the city.
    (Code 1979, § 9-5001)
    Cross references: Streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 22.

    Sec. 4-32. Keeping hogs.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any hogs or pigs within the corporate limits of the city.
    (Code 1979, § 9-5004)

    Sec. 4-33. Raising or keeping fowl or rabbits.
    The raising or maintaining of [live fowl and] rabbits is prohibited within the city. The raising or maintaining of fowl is prohibited within the city, except as follows. Up to six (6) chickens may be maintained on a lot with up to four (4) dwelling units, provided that:
    a. No person shall keep any rooster.
    b. No person shall slaughter any chickens.
    c. The chickens shall be provided with a covered enclosure and must be kept in the covered enclosure or a fenced enclosure at all times.
    d. No enclosure shall be located closer than twenty-five (25) feet to any residential structure on an adjacent lot.
    (Code 1979, § 9-5005)

    Sec. 4-34. Keeping livestock and fowl generally; location of pens and stables.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to own livestock [and live fowls] or to establish a stable or riding academy or to engage in the business of renting, hiring, selling or trading livestock or live fowls within the city; provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not apply when the stable or pen for keeping livestock or live fowls is so situated as to maintain a distance of at least 500 feet between the livestock and live fowls and any improvements or structure used for residential, commercial, professional, recreational, church, school or other institutional purposes, and provided further that the livestock or live fowls are kept securely penned in a clean and sanitary manner and in conformance with all county and state regulations and city public service department regulations.
    (Code 1979, § 9-5006)
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    Looks like you did a great job.

    If you really need (d), you might get questions about how that interacts with the 4 dwelling units. If the intention is to keep someone from inflicting close-by poultry on neighbors, then you would need to apply it to the same lot. As someone who has a very small lot, I am thankful that our city does not require minimum distances.

    If you don't need (d), don't suggest it.

    Do you want a limit of six per lot? Or six per household? The former does not seem like enough for 4 households, and the latter could be quite a lot of chickens.

    Depending on your city's density, I believe three hens per household is common.
    You could further detail - 6 hens on a single-family residental lot or 3 hens per household on a multi-residential property.

  3. Idranoel

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Columbia, SC
    I agree with your suggestions. If I split it up like that, I think I might cap it at no more than 9 or 12 per property. So, six per single family residential property, three per household on multi-family properties, but no more than 12 total. What about apartment blocks, though? I'll try to check out some other ordinances and see what they say.


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    Feb 1, 2009
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    Looks good to me i would concider the changes of vermontgal. good luck let us know how it goes

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