how do u??

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    create ur own breed of chicken. see on here people making and naming there own breeds. so do u pick two breeds u wanna breed. keep breeding them or the offspring till it fits what u want and name it?? how does this work
  2. stephanie1992

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    no one knows??????
  3. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    I think most of the "breeds" created on here are just mutts. To truly create a new breed would require a lot of work. You would need to establish the purpose of the breed. The Goal of the physical features you would like. Then you would need to establish what breeds would be needed to be used. It's usually going to be more than one. Then you have to to introduce new blood periodically to make sure the blood pool isn't too small because this could lead to birth defects.
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    Search around here, this has been discussed several times and you can find more thorough answers.
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    Nov 22, 2011
    well I wanted to take my pyncheon hen and breed her with my mille fleur d'uccle rooster to see what I would get. Pretty interesting breed and they are reddish in color. No mille fleur pattern yet but they are still chicks. They have the same feather coloring like their mom . Feet are feathered. I have rooster and three hens from them. My friend will be taking them. but I'm gonna send them to her. She's got some bantams right now at home. I no longer have the mille fleur d'uccle rooster anymore.

    I also have a porcelain project silkie rooster and hen and I have two white silkie chicks I'm thinking that they are hens .. I'm gonna put them with him. I have a blue partridge silkie pullet chick and a black silkie pullet chick I'm gonna put with him to and see how they turn out. And any pullets I get from them I'm going to breed them back to dad..

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