how do you do a door in the run?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
if I'm using 2"x4" fencing with chicken wire on the bottom two feet, how do I do a door on the short end? would you frame a rectangle for the door and then put the fencing over that? then frame a frame for the door frame to go into? is this how I would do this? or is there an easier way to do it? funds are REALLY short and low and that seems like more wood than I have sitting around in my junk pile...
Look at the pictures of others' coops to get an idea how they framed doors out. I actually just used an old wood door that I dumpster dived from a remodel down the street. It's hinged onto a 4x4 planted in concrete.

And chicken wire isn't any good at all against predators. Hardware cloth is much better. "coons will go straight through chicken wire.

My husband framed in the opening first then added the door. We have the same door at the other end of the coop (under the chicken penthouse!)
My run is also 2x4 fencing screwed to 2x4 framing. I just built a rectangle out of 2x4 lumber and screwed hardware cloth to the back. I screwed gussets made from scrap plywood to the front to keep it square. It might help to see a picture of how your run is constructed but you can either make a frame for the door or maybe bury a couple of posts to use as the door frame. Mine is very strong and secure. I only wish I would have made it a few inches taller. I have a habit of hitting my head on the top of the frame and just about put myself to sleep yesterday:he


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