how do you get a chicken to be more docile?


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Jul 19, 2011
I was wondering how you can get a chicken to be more personable. I understand it helps if you have them as chicks and frequently handle them, but are there other ways like giving them treats or handfeeding them. I know with snakes your not supposed to do that because they learn to associate the hand with food. Is it the same with chickens
When I got my 1st chickens as adults they were not friendy. I got day old bread cheep and started giving it to them as treats, (not to much) I srarted throwing it a little ways away from me and every day put it closer. Finally I was droping it right by my feet, and I could reach down and pet them with out them running away, now they come running and I have to watch that I don't step on them.
Hens get more docile with maturity. Once they start laying, they stop being total freaks.
Move slowly. Do not look directly at them. Offer treats (insects are absolute best) in small amounts. Do not grab at them. Do not grab by legs or tail. Speak softly and slowly. Move slowly, again.

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