How Do You Get Mold Off Of Leather Shoes?


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May 19, 2008
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*sigh* Gonna have to hurt my hubby.. I hate to do it..but.. he's really asked for it this time.

I TOLD him to put my winter shoes in the attic NOT the basement! But..ooh no...
So anyways.. i have a big garbage bag and a super big tote of my shoes that some have mold spots on them...
Gonna hurt him...
Can i save these shoes? I had some leather/fake leather purses that the same thing happend to last year and i ruined them trying to clean them up..

Gonna hurt him....
I dont think that i can use bleach and water... wont that bleach and ruin the leather or suede? What do i use to get the mold off and not ruin the fabric of the shoes?
Gonna hurt him...
I dont want to wear flip flops in November...

Gonna hurt him...
You've got to love the New England mold! NOT.

What about a Magic Eraser? Bleach will definitely harm leather. Only thing is, I would be worried that there's mold inside the insoles and stuff.

Should I get my clue by four out?

Thanks! I do have a magic eraser around here somewhere..(since i dont clean very often..
I'll have to give that a try...
Gonna hurt him...
LOL Well..i AM going to the city tomorrow... Maybe i will pick up a couple of pairs..
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