How do you keep away flies?

Leader Bee

Jun 22, 2018
I've got one of those bug zappers which attracts them with UV light but i've mostly caught bumblebees with it, which i felt really bad about - the flies don't seem all that interested in it so i'm not sure it really works.

Any other ideas from you guys? How do you keep the flies away?
Where? Porch, coop, house?
I use a lavender/Eucalyptus Essential Oil mixed with water spray on porch. It deters flies and mosquitoes.
I spray my legs and arms every morning when I go outside at 3-4 a.m. and the porch floor around where we sit.
Also have a dynatrap I love (need to empty) the birds love the bugs!
I have fly traps hanging around plus I use the hose to wash off as
much fresh poop as I can. I also have the soda bottle ones that can be reused.

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