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Apr 7, 2016
I have 4 confirmed 16 week old pullets, one more might be a pullet, might be a young roo. Just got 5 more chickens, 4 confirmed 2.5 year old egg layers, one 4 year old rooster. No signs of aggression from anyone(some evidence of picking or treading on the older hens, but have not witnessed any agression, and thinking if it was pecking it might have been stress or boredom induced). The older birds are seperated from the babies by chicken wire, both flocks of 5 birds have nesting boxes, and perches. The older birds were moved yesterday, (like in boxes, in a car moved) so I really don't expect to see eggs from them for at least a few days. The pullets had an egg this morning. There are 3 BSL, and 2 PR. The bird that is possibly a young roo is one of the reds. The egg was brown. How do you know who laid it? And for the older birds, there's a barred rock, 2 red stars, a golden star hen, the roo is a golden star, and he said the other hen is a buff orphington. How am I going to know who the eggs are coming from?
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Certain breeds lay certain colors. Out of your young birds look for one that has a big shiny red comb and who's been more vocal, that's probably who laid. With time you will become familiar with what egg came from which chicken based on seeing them lay it or collecting it as they as still sitting on it. So some detective work will be needed. You can post photos of your hens and eggs and potentially people can help because most breeds eggs are in the same color range.

I'm guessing the lone brown egg, came from her. She's acting mighty broody, which to me seems odd since she's so young. Hatched March 31st. She actually pecked/bit me this morning when I tried to look under her. She doesn't seem to want anything to do with the nesting boxes. But has made herself quite the little nest directly under one.
She does look like she's laying. They can get a bit goofy when they start up and act all responsible and self important. It usually goes away after the first month or so after they realize that the eggs keep coming. Do you have fake eggs or golf balls in your nests, they usually work well to lure them into the boxes and to show them it's safe to lay there.

About half of my hens will peck me if I try to check under them so I cover their heads with a feed can for a moment to frisk, others fly past my head if I get near them.
I'll have to try the fake eggs. does it matter if they are plastic and bright green/blue/pink etc? or should I go buy the ceramic ones that actually look like eggs?
I just hard boiled a couple of store bought eggs, and put one in each of the Nest Boxes for a couple of weeks. Seems to have worked, and have been able to dispose of them now that the girls are laying in the right spots.

We have 7 girls, just starting into laying. Have 4 that I think are laying, or are very close to it.

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