How do you play with your ducks?


Jul 8, 2019
Purcellville Virginia
Im new at this hobby. While I’ve had many different pets throughout my life I know it’s rare to have a cat want to play fetch.
Aside from mealyworm time I don’t think I have any bonding activities to engage my 3 week old ducklings but also my 2&3 month old ducks.

What kind of duck entertainment do you all do?? I’ve seen some toddler toys hung up for them to poke at. But aside from treats, walks and swimming what should I do??

Thanks for the help here. I want to enrich my own experience as well as give them a good fun home.
I’ve got that most of the time, not tonight :( damn well pump system!

They love the baby pools and snapping and bathing in the hose. And they like lawn sprinkler of course
Just the sound of the garden hose will make mine go ape poo poo.. The funniest part is-
Spraying the hose on them makes them high tail at 100 mile per hour away! Silly creatures. I believe they are playing more than scared.. I AM THE FOOD MASTER.. they have no fear of me.. lol
I only have 2 and most of our games do include water. Lately we play grasshopper. I use the garden hose as a pointer and the girls run to the area where the water is landing. On the other side of the plants, bushes or shrubs. Then I spray the plants and chase the grasshoppers out. They jump right to the ducks and hunting season is on. They are hilarious!!!! We play dig wormies. I shovels an couple of digs and fill slowly with water while they jump in and hunt or play. In the fall I save a few piles of leaves and water them daily. Then we rake the pile to the side and they hunt the bugs hiding in the leaves. Since I have ducks my yard has totally changes lol I love my ducks and all of their silly games.
I’m all eyes and ears. Where do I start? The older ones are trained to go to their coop but I need some help here! I don’t want good ducks to go to waste! Lol
Start by trying to get them to know that you have treats and is willing to give them. To do this just grab some romaine lettuce or unfrozen peas and put them in you hand, and make it known you had the treats by coming near them and throwing it. So do this for a couple days them tell me how you are doing with them, and we will get started on the next part :)
Taught that several times: Blanca, One of my White Layers and i play a game during the morning meal-worm frenzy. I gently grab her bill and pull, then she grabs one of my fingers and pulls back, i laugh, she quacks! Now two other ducks, Earthquack another White Layer and PomPom, the Magpie with the ridiculous crest have started to join the game.
In the evening i prepare a »supper-bowl« for them, shredded veggies (red kale is king now) with a hand-full of sunflower-seeds, water, cat-kib bles and meal-worms. When they see the white bowl the all come running and i let them taste their supper. The i say "Alle Enten gehen jetzt schlafen!" (German for: "All ducks are going to sleep now!") and they turn around and run straight into their house where they raid the bowl and go to bed.
Never planned to train them that way, it just happened by coincidence. - Or maybe they have trained me? ;)

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