How do you "Proxy (bot) bid?" Confused about this...

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Subject says it all.. Never knew or even heard of proxy(bot) bidding here on BYC until a few days ago. I thought this was just be at the computer and bid bid bid just like the regular times.

I see no option or even how to do this on here.. Any ideas for some people who don't know how to do bot bidding making it thus unfair for people who can't versus people who can?



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Just put in your max bid for the eggs, and the system will bid for you in .25 increments until it reaches your max bid, or you until you beat out the highest bidder.


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Yes, we have proxy bidding. It makes it so that you can put in a bid of, say, $300 and then leave your computer. If others bid, the system will increase your bid automatically to bid higher. This makes it so people don't have to sit at their computers all day and bid, but also makes it so they don't have to bid $300 and pay that amount even if the next lower bidder was only $25.

The only time the amount would go to $300 is if another person had put in a large bid as well and the system put in the bid of $300 to try to beat the other bidder.

To use the system, you simply put in their max bid amount and the system will take it from there. No special options to check or anything.

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