How do you resist Feed store chicks


Jan 17, 2021
My one and only time buying chicks from a feed store didn't go as planned. Bought what was supposed to be Americanas, ended up being Rhode Island Whites. Don't get me wrong, the RIWs so far have been the best chickens I've ever had, but they still weren't what I paid for.


5 Years
Sep 26, 2015
Portland OR
LOL Well, I just remind myself that unless there's a broody hen waiting to adopt them that I don't need any extra chores.

Around here they torment us for months. This year, Feb 1, chicks in the store. I want to say it was until like ... October last year.

Main rule is no straight run, no bantams - no white-ish EEs (almost always cockerels). And never expect you're getting any specific breed, especially in the all-black and "chipmunk" patterned chicks.


Jul 27, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
I think about this...
I'm out of room and max out on the # i can own.

I will have to cull if i get chicks.

I will have to wire off and make a safe brooder under the poop board. I do that now for injured bird so not a big deal.

I don't have time a handle little chicks hours a day making them pets so they worship me as roK BaC the Taker of eggs, Giver of grain, gate keep of the realm, Coon slayer and protector from hawk .

what if my flock doesn't except the new birds and i have culled in vain.

This has helped in the passed but i'm now looking at who is not laying everyday. Who is not squatting and worshipping Lord roK BaC.
How dare anyone not give homage to the mighty provider of clean poop boards and raisins .
I'm sure a few Speckled Sussex or Double-laced Barnevelder would be most great full.

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