how does everyone feel about maggots as a treat?


8 Years
Jul 30, 2011
Bonney Lake
A friend of mine suggested making a box with holes in it for rotting stoff. The holes are for the maggots to fall out for the girls to eat. It sounds plausible, but I am not sure about having rotten stuff around to attract unwanted visitors. I know the girls might like the maggots. Any thoughts from the wise chicken counsel? Thanks everyone for all of the wisdom and advice!
there are several threads on here on how to attract soldier flies for their maggots to feed.

have not done that intentionally. do have mealworms. and they don't require anything to be rotting and smelling.
I will certainly do some research on the subject. Thank you. I have a salmon head decomposing in an old tupperware container. Science experiment, if nothing else! LOL!

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