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    Jul 25, 2010
    I have 11 laying hens, I went and opened the coop this morning and found a soft shell egg right in the middle of the floor. Well my question is I picked up 11 eggs thought out the day plus the soft one. I thought a chichen could only have one egg a day. Oh they have been laying for about a month and a half now. Could one of them have a soft shell and a regular egg in one day???????

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    Yup. Just a glitch in the process. The shell is the last thing to be "built" and it takes the most amount of time, nearly 20 of the 25-26 hours it takes to make an egg. Something let that egg slip out before the egg shell "mechanism" got into gear.

    Hence, the much shortened time period between the hard shelled egg and the no-shelled or soft egg.

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