How fast they grow up!!

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    Okay, so yesterday afternoon, DH came home from work while I was out feeding the chooks. Instead of going directly inside, he came inside the coop with me and we started discussing expansion plans for the coop.[​IMG] All of a sudden, his cell phone starts ringing. Now, DH has different ringers for different phone numbers so he knows who is calling before he answers. Well, the ringer that was going off was the one he had assigned to me and my cell phone number and we both knew that I certainly wasn't calling.[​IMG] We look at each other kind of dumbfounded at first. Then it dawns on us that it must be our five year old son who was still inside the house watching a video. I taught him last summer how to speed dial his dad on my phone in case of an emergency. This is how the phone call went:

    DH: Hello?
    DS: Hi Daddy!
    DH: Hi, Sammy!
    DS: I love you Daddy!
    DH: I love you, too! What are you doing on Mama's phone?
    DS: I just wanted to talk to you. Well, I've got things I gotta do. I love you. Bye Daddy!
    DH: Bye Sammy.

    I guess he just couldn't wait until we came back in the house. This little guy never ceases to amaze and delight me.[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Ok that is so sweet my teeth hurt.
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    What a sweet story. [​IMG] Mine is 14 and I don't know where the time went. [​IMG]

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