How high will Buff Ops be able to fly?


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May 19, 2016
Hi, we are building a little fence to stop my chickens coming up on the deck, I am trying to plan how high to make it. My chicks are 7 weeks and they can fly up to about 3-4 feet easily - will they be able to fly higher when adult or will the weight they gain mean they don't? Also, if I clip their wings how high are they likely to fly when they are full grown?


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Jul 16, 2015
That's about the full height my adults can fly up to.

If you clip their wings they won't be able to get up too high, so be careful about it in adult birds, it can hinder them getting on roosts and into nestboxes. Clipping young birds wings will be temporary as they molt several time as babies.

It's recommended to only clip one wing to put them off balance, clipping both can sometimes make them take landings hard and can injure legs.

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