How I went from egg hobby to obsession


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May 9, 2020
Middle of Texas
Are black snakes poisonous?!! 😬
K. Steps makes perfect sense 💡Nice reuse/repurpose :love
I agree with the whole Guinea set up. It IS awesome- like a little dreamland and they look soo cool in that good sized flock and on alert... something very prehistoric looking about that whole scene- LOVE IT!
I too am very sorry about your losses. That is brutal on many levels. Yes. BBQ is in order.

Well, I had my last hatch on Wednesday. Sold all but 5 and then sold 4 of my 1 month olds. I was very proud of myself when I packed my incubator back in it's box and resisted doing a back to back hatch. The last hatch was so cute it was tempting forsure, very Buff Brahma.
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Good girls!

OK. I am ready for more photos of those guineas. :love:love:love:love
Adorable!! I love little furry feetsies!!! 🥰


Oct 13, 2019
My La Fleche have given me seven babies so far, and they are still sitting on a PILE of eggs. We shall see 😍

I adopted (rescued) a flock of eight silkies today. They are covered in mites, had strings dug into their feet, just all around bad. But they are gearing up for bath time tomorrow and relaxing some more under their big shady crepe myrtle tree.

Also got our first peaches on our peach tree! Two years after planting.


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Jun 12, 2018
Kauai, Hawaii
Been awhile since the last report. How's the Silkie (mess) and the (not so new anymore) new La Fletche's? How many chicks did you/hens hatch?

We are warm here and I am making my move with my hillbilly mobile coop up to Koke'e today. Well at least to get the run set up and the roof on the coop and the lumber for the roosts, pre chicken delivery. I'll worry about that circus in a day or so.

Like a total insane person I have 64 eggs incubating. Last eve was my first candle & I had 99%... guess I will be moving my brooders up too... Well, as long as the big girls enjoy the coolness, abundant bugs and change of scenery... :p I will be happy and also to get some of my painting, sewing and fence mending projects done. I even hope to get in some propagation and gardening in! So, I am bringing up my seeds and hopefully preparing some garden beds in the coming months... for next year lol.

I also have 3 broody hens... :hmm not going to let them sit though, too much going on.
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