How long before chicks can be moved outside

I’m in florida all though it is cooler out I tried to move them outside it was about 80 degrees and they are probably 5 weeks old
80 degrees should be plenty warm for them, so you can go on and move them now. If it gets below 40-ish degrees at night you may want to put a heat lamp in the coop
Will the older hens continue to peck at the younger chicks I don’t want them to get hurt
You need to gradually introduce the chicks to the original flock.
Keep them in a large secure crate with food and water within the original flocks run so the older chickens can see the chicks but not get at them.
If it gets too cold at night for them, bring the whole crate in where you can control their night time temperature better.
After about a week of "look don't touch" allow the little ones out. But before you do that, lock the original flock into their coop to give the little ones time to explore this new area. While they are exploring, rig up the crate with an opening small enough so only they can get back in. This will give them a place to run to if the hens start beating on them again. Then let the older chickens out of the coop.
It takes time to integrate 2 flocks of chickens.
Yes, you will want to give them there own space that the larger birds can see them but no touch them. After a week or so what i do is prop up the bottom edge of there pen so the chicks can pass in and out but the adults can not fit. This gives the babies somewhere to escape to, and also keeps the adults out of the chick starter.
Do some arranging in your coop and run so there are places for the little ones to run and hide from the adults for a time untill the picking order is established. Younger birds are almost always at the bottom.
Good luck.
I have a few chicks that I feel are ready to go out to the big coop. I tried once already and the older hens started to peck at it so I quick grabbed it and brought it back inside. When can I safely move them outside?
How old is the chick? I've often incorporated mine into the flock at night so when they wake up together there is less of a struggle. This may sound harsh but the chick will need to learn it's place and learn to run! I recently introduced 2 into my flock. They were pecked by my rooster and chased. They were very friendly but soon learned to stay out of his way and where they stand in the order. Now everything is fine and the only time they are bullied is if they try to eat from my roosters feeder and not one of the others.

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