How long before I get an egg?


5 Years
Feb 20, 2014
Southern Ok
My peahen has the droopy wings and now she is pacing and making an almost cluck sound. I don't want her to go to long. When should I look for an egg? Should I give her a vitamin e capsule just to be safe. This is her first time to lay if these are the true signs. I know someone had a pic of a first time peahen about to lay that I was trying to find, but of course when need it I can't find it :). Any advice would be appreciated.
She has been pacing and making the sound just today but yesterday she had the droopy wings. She is going on two in August. But they did breed I did see that so I didn't know if this would make her lay or not.
First egg!!! So excited
I've been wondering this too! Congrats and happy for you! Mine have been breeding, sometimes she has droopy wings but I think it's just her relaxed pose. No pacing or anything really weird. Hoping for eggs soon though :)

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