How long can a goose walk in snow?


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Jul 11, 2020
United Kingdom
It started snowing today and my goose was walking around in it all day. There's a covered area and it's goose house it could have gone but didn't go there once. Is this okay or can his feet get too cold?

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Depends on how cold the snow is. If it's too cold for him, he'll sit down often and pull his feet up to warm them. My geese still enjoy going out and going for little walks even on the rare occasions when it's only 5 degrees outside. But they'll sit down a lot, so their feet don't get frozen.

I once took care of my friend's runner ducks during some very cold weather. They were so excited to be let out in the yard every morning that they came running out the door to their enclosure. Underways they realized how cold it was and pulled their feet up - WHILE STILL RUNNING - so they would slide a few yards on the snow. It looked really funny. Wish I'd had a video camera back then.

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