How long can eggs go without turning them?


Jun 12, 2016
Hey there,
How long can they go without rotating them?
I went out, usually I rotate them every 3 hours. I put them their 5 days before.
They're developing as well, but I was out for the whole day and had no one to rotate them, so I just took the chance and hoped when I get home nothing would happen or affect their births later on?
Would anything happen? I left home at 10am and came back 9pm. Only time I rotated them was when I was leaving the house?


Jun 12, 2016
They'll be fine as long as it isn't often.

I hope you aren't getting up during the night to turn also! Ending on odd # of times is preferred.

Are ya using a calibrated thermometer? Adding you general location to your profile can help folks make the most relevant suggestion possible at a glance. :)

Happy hatching! :jumpy:jumpy
Nope, when I'm going to bed, I turn them and that's it till Morning comes and the count down begins


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Apr 9, 2016
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I had no idea???
What hours should I turn them then?
The more times you turn the better according to studies... truly... with 3 times being the minimum suggested. There's a difference between always having chicks hatch and having your best hatch possible. Overkill for you maybe, probably good for your embryos.;)

Even turning # not usually recommended as it would leave the embryo resting in the same place every night... I suppose the exact 12 hour thing probably at least leaves the embryo at those locations for equal periods of time... but you will not get your BEST hatch doing that... we all have different goals... mine isn't just hatching but getting the maximum number of live chicks per setting.

I also use a turner now, but got my best hatches when hand turning. I think they got more attention somehow. And there has been evidence showing the slight cooling (temp fluctuation) might even increase hatch rate. I used to worry about opening my top before realizing that I'm competing with a hen who goes of for a good 15 minutes everyday, depending on weather. I usually aim for 5 times, more than the minimum of 3, but not over kill. And I have lost count or forgotten... just start again and do your best... life is a miracle and it finds a way!

Have you candled to see if you have development yet? Are these eggs from your flock? What breed/color egg? What bator are you using and where do you have your temp and humidity set?

One of my favorite hatching resources, bookmark it if you like..
Incubation guide

The lady I bought my ducks from says she has had the best hatching year this year by turning them three times a day :)
Do you know... compared to what? :pop

Some links on turning...

This one suggest that turning frequency is more important with older flock or reduced quality eggs than young flocks...

Hmmm... this makes me wonder now if side turners are better than upright turners... All eggs were on their side when I turned by hand and are now upright. Always good to try and help others so you can expand your own thought process as well! :pop
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