How long do I let newly hatched chicks stay in the 'bator?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by gryeyes, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. gryeyes

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    Uhhh, what the subject line says.

    The 'bator keeps the temp really steady, so should the chicks stay there overnight? And then put 'em in the brooder, or put one lonely chick in the brooder whilst the other one dries in the 'bator?
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    My line of thinking may be incorrect but I don't open the door until I'm sure everyone that is going to hatch is out and dried. Sometimes its been one day, sometimes its been closer to 3 days. I havent lost a hatched chick as a result of being in the Bator too long.
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    Chicks can live off of their yolk sac for 3 days after hatching, which is why the hatcheries can ship them. I usually wait until everyone has hatched and is dry, no more than 3 days from when the first chick hatches.
  4. gryeyes

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    THANK YOU for the replies! I really appreciate it. I will stop fussing now. Maybe....

    At least I know I don't have to grab 'em and shove 'em into a brooder just yet, but can wait until all that will hatch go together.

    Thanks again!
  5. BeccaB00

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    Just as soon as they dry off. Some people don't like to open the lid if others are still trying to hatch. But it's not going to hurt anything if it's only for a minute. [​IMG]
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