How long does it take a wound to heal?

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    Yesterday I rescued a stray chicken from a neighbor’s yard down the street. She looks like she was attacked by a large animal. Most of her neck feathers are missing and she has a V-shaped gash in the front of her neck. I suspect a dog or coyote grabbed her by the neck and she managed to work herself free leaving the predator instead with a mouthful of feathers. So here are my questions:

    1. What breed do you think she is? She is very dark brown almost black with black legs and a single comb.
    2. How old do you think she is? She stands slightly upright, so my though was that she was a pullet that hasn’t begun laying yet. Are there any typical indicators of age on a chicken?
    3. How long does it take skin to heal after feathers are ripped out? The bare area around her neck isn’t red or prickly where the feathers were ripped out. The skin looks just like healthy skin, but sans feathers. If I know how long it takes the skin to heal, then maybe I can figure out how long ago she was attacked and therefore how long she has been on the run.
    4. Along the same lines as the previous question. How long does it take a wound to heal? The gash on the neck wasn’t openly bleeding at all. It had a nicely setup scab that could move and flex with the rest of the skin. There is some drainage where it is a little infected, but overall not bad considering the extent of the injury. Again, if I can figure out how long it takes that wound to scab over that well – maybe I can figure out how long she’s been a stray. And if I can figure that out, maybe it will help me locate the possible owners.

    Here’s some pictures of her:


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    They heal quickly. Flush the wound with a saline solution and then treat it with betadine (organic iodine) and then an eye type triple antibiotic ointment (eye type melts at body temperature so will seep deep into the wound.
    Both of which are at all drug stores.

    I'd hate to speculate on the other questions. She looks strong though.
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