How long does it take to curl all those feathers???


Has Fainting Chickens
14 Years
Dec 25, 2007
Chaparral, New Mexico
I put some extra educational books up on Freecycle and a nice young lady with 5 children she is homeschooling stopped by to pick them up. She looked down at my adorable Bantam Frizzle rooster Mo Banty and asked me: How long does it take to curl all those feathers??? Does it hold still? Have you ever burned it?
Now that one I can understand someone asking. They are very different looking birds. Not like asking if roosters lay eggs too.
What did you tell her? I think I might have told her that it's not curling the feathers that takes so long - it's straightening the feathers on all the others!
But wouldn't you think a person's mind should go maybe just ONE MORE click to think, "No, that doesn't make sense..."? And maybe simply ask why the feather's are like that?

It is a funny picture though, you there with your curling iron and your chicken, meticulously curling all those feathers!

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