How long should I quarantine my new pigeon?

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by Kleonaptra, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Ok, I have navigated the murky waters of the meat factories and rescued one - hopefully female - pigeon.


    She looks like a young healthy bird to me, plenty in the cage did not look healthy and one looked positively about to drop. They had adequete food water and space - it was a very big cage with only a few birds in it - but a vast majority of them were fluffed up and looking depressed. I zeroed in on this little girl right away because she looked like a girl and seemed young, sleek and healthy. So -

    How long should I quarantine for? My partner said how devastating it would be to have all my pigeons die from one mistake.

    Does she look like a girl to you?

    What kind of pigeon is she? She's bigger than my birds but then she is a meat pigeon.

    Does she look healthy?

    Does she look young?

    Im calling her Donna Noble for Doctor Who. "Donna Noble has been saved" Mike is already doing shy little dances. They can see each other but her cage is apart from the others.
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    I usually do 3 days. Her beak, eyes, vent and feet are clean and smooth looking. Ive noticed several normal poops and she has been eating and preening. She is obviously never been in such close contact with humans.She's very alert. I chose her because as I walked into the area she had 2 boys cooing for her attention so she instantly looked girlish.

    The place had literally hundreds of pigeons, not far from the enclosure I was at, with about 10 birds were rows of small cages. All the birds had nice looking feathers so I dont think they were disease ridden. I would have been taking a similar if not worse risk getting one at the auctions. I suppose whenever you see lots of animals together some always look worse than others. They also had chickens and a rooster pecking about that looked happy and healthy. It was just so obviously a meat farm. I caused quite a disturbance asking for a 'live, young female'. They had to call someone to help catch and identify. He also thought it was a girl and had a few tries getting her in the net.
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    I always did 30 days kinda standard for new birds I would say it is a utility king
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