How Long Should I Wait


5 Years
Aug 5, 2014
We received 2 new chickens for a very negligent farmer :( they were covered in lice and had a pretty bad respiratory infection. We got rid of the lice by using Sevin (that stuff works SO well) and then with the resp. issues i gave them each tylan 50 via injection twice a day for 5 days. also some vetrx i rubbed around their beaks and wings etc. i was syringe feeding the one pedialyte because she wasn't eating or drinking. They are getting better. one still sounds kind of raspy in her breathing (we have had them quarantined away from our flock)
my question is: how long after giving them tylan 50 will it be ok to eat their eggs? one didn't lay for the first three days we had her but then has laid everyday since (shes a rockstar layer) and one still isn't laying :( i just want to make sure before we start eating her eggs :)

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