How long should we leave the boots on mr. curly toes? /pasty butt


13 Years
Apr 1, 2008
we put them on when he was a day old and they've been on for a day....

Also the other chick got pasty butt and we've been cleaning them off and they are seeming to do fine... we put cider vinegar in the water so hopefully that will help. We are putting olive oil on their bums too.... Is there anything else I should do?
we took his boots off 'cause they seemed to be bugging him and no longer helping.... we were going to make bigger boots... anyway. his feet are straight! YAY! they don't curl around the perch and his one little toe is a little sideways but he can walk on them no problem 'cause they spread out enough. pretty exciting..... he's still way smaller than the other two though so I think I'm going to get him some poly-vi-sol.
Hi, on Friday last week we got our 50 meaties, and so far about 6 of them have pasty butt - also have been washing and dabbing on olive oil. someone mentioned here that a bit of ground up oatmeal in their food helps, so I put some in yesterday morning ( about a teaspoon for 20 birds)- seems to have helped, as only one had it again this AM.
also had 3 with bruised swollen toes when they came in. one(poor soul) didn't make it,but I think there was something else wrong- as his legs were very far apart on his body. the other two we used neosporin on their toes and they are recovered now. out of 54 received only 1 perished so far - hope that is all.

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