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Nov 14, 2012
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Day old chicks need 90-95F for the first week. The temperature can be dropped around 5 degrees per week, until they feather out. It's also better to provide enough space for them to get away from the heat as needed. The chicks will show signs if they are not comfortable: (chirping loudly / huddling together = too cold, open beak panting / avoiding heat source = too hot).


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Feb 28, 2012
Definitely need additional heat when small at that temperature. Janelle is correct but I want to expand on it some.You don't have to heat the whole brooder to that temperature. Only a small area they can warm up in. They will develop feathers faster if they can get away from the heat to a cooler area. Think of it as getting under mom to warm up and then going to explore. Generally recomended is start at 95 degrees and to drop the temp 5-7 degrees for each week old they are. However at 3 weeks mine started staying as far from the heat lamp as they could in a 68 degree room. Watching them is a much better way to determine if they are too cold or hot. If they huddle under the light then they are too cold. Lower it a little and see if they stop sleeping directly under it or piling on each other to sleep. If they start panting or staying as far from the light as they can get they are too hot. Raise it up slightly. If you check and they are not piled up and laying stretched out they are comfortable. First two weeks are the hardest then they toughen up.

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