How low can I lower humidity to make up for not enough weight loss in last 7-10 days?

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6 Years
May 1, 2017
Hello, I received 11 eggs from Metzer Farms (they shipped to Alaska). 1 was infertile and 2 showed signs of a blood ring early on. I'm on day 18 with the remaining 8. I kept RH at 45% for the first 13 days. Weight loss wasn't within the 13-15% for ducks so I decreased humidity to 35% for the last 6 days.

Today, at day 18, weight loss is still under ideal. Eggs have been losing an average of 2.7g/day when to be at 13-15% loss, they should be losing closer to 3.4g/day. These numbers are based on a start weight (for 8 eggs) of 600g.

To catch up the loss over the remaining 7-10 days, I need to lower humidity to 20-25% (I think). Maybe even lower.

My question is, is this low level too low for the last week? Will they lose weight in a harmful or undesirable way?

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The importance of humidity, as you know, is to allow for moisture loss and growth f the air cells. The numbers are not so much important as the effects. If you need to run in the 20's for a few days, do so. As long as the air cells are not growing overly large or weight loss isn't too much that's fine. You can also mist the eggs with water daily to help draw out moisture if you haven't tried that.
Thanks for the info, I'll give the lower humidity a try for two days and see how they look. I started misting/sprinkling a little water on day 10. I'll keep that up.

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