How many broodies do we have... 23 and counting!


10 Years
Nov 12, 2009
God has placed me in Virginia.
I started another thread like this last year but I can't find it so..


I have 1
Her name is Tigerlily and she is an EE
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My very first broody ever just hatched out two Turken babies last Tuesday. I didn't really expect naked necks out of these eggs (I only had four eggs, and the only one I knew for certain was Turken was stolen by a predator, like one other egg) so I am simultaneously intrigued and freaked out! I would not have picked Turkens, as I don't care for the whole bare neck thing, but I am hoping they grow on me. They sure are cute (but weird) as babies. Before anyone asks, the eggs were free, and the guy thought they were Cochin, Blue Marans or White Rock or some combination of those, as he has a mixed flock. So, she still counts as a broody!
Ive got one broody duck sitting on 8eggs.
One broody hen sitting on 5eggs.
And 2 broody button quail hens on 18 eggs between them.
I love my broodies!

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