How many chicken eggs equal a goose egg?


8 Years
Nov 5, 2014
I now own two beautiful geese who have begun to lay monster dinosaur-looking eggs. I am wondering what the conversion for goose:chicken eggs would be?
I imagine it varies, a lot, by the breed and age of the geese in question. And the size of the chicken egg. Do you have a scale? Maybe you could weigh yours against any chicken eggs you have?

Muscovy duck eggs are about a chicken and a half; mallard eggs are comparable to a large-ish chicken egg. But they both have much larger yolks, comparatively. If you're cooking, it's probably a factor.

I found this image on google. Should be about three, if your eggs are average goose eggs.


Why do they never account for bantams when they say the average size of a chicken egg? Bantams are chickens. Discrimination, I say!

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