How many chickens do you see?

Going with six.

I see a buff something with black lacing on the right, behind it appears to be a silver something with black lacing. Could be the same bird with a weird coloring issue, but I'm gonna say it's not. so that's 2.

In the middle I see what I think is a BO. Making 3

On the left... this is the hard part. Unless you have the only chicken in the world with two butts and a head located inconveniently beneath those butts, all on the same end, I see:
a silver laced headless something in front, the a head of something unidentifiable behind her. and the butt of possibly a Brahma in the back... That's 3 more.

So yes, going with 6. You're not hiding one in the window are you? No fair if we can't see it for the reflection.
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There are 5

There is a light brahma, 2 SLW, one GLW, and one buff orpington.

The LB and SLW are overlapping, and the GLW and SLW are overlapping as well.

Thanks for enjoying this photo with me!!!

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