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Feb 7, 2020
I was planning on keeping some for me and to sell and i live in florida
Well, my whole family and I eat eggs all the time. We have omelettes, scrambled eggs, breakfast pizza, "hootenanies", and bake countless desserts with eggs. We use them in almost every meal. More than 10 hens gives us a major surplus. They were just going bad. We have 6 laying hens right now and they go above and beyond our needs. Unless your family is huge, 10 laying hens should definitely keep you in supply. If you want to sell some (how many about will you want to sell per week?) you should only need maybe 10-15 more hens depending on the demand. And if you buy newly hatched chicks now, they won't lay until spring. And if you want eggs in the winter you'll have to use supplemental lighting in the coop. But that's hard on their reproductive cycle. You'll have to get new birds every 2 years or so.


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All of the breeds you are getting and fine layers. My best layers are my Leghorns and my Rhode Island Whites. I live near Ocala. I raise some others breeds (see my signature). They will slow down laying now because most will be going through their yearly molt. I have a lot of birds and sell my eggs. Right now it looks like there have been pillow fights around the coops. I have some pullets just starting to lay. They are laying sporadically. Some days are ok and other days are poor this time of the year. Once my pullets get going I'll be up to my ears in eggs. Good luck and have fun with your new flock...


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Jun 21, 2020
Hi, i have a question how many chickens would i need to get 25-50 eggs a day? i want to know so that i can get that many chicks lol
Fully depends on the breed! Reliable breeds such as Barred Rocks, lay quite frequently and you could probably get 25 eggs a day with 25-30 of them. Silkies, On the other hand don’t lay as frequently, because they tend to go broody causing a break in their egg laying once they have a clutch.

(I’m being very discreet trying to pick out some breeds maybe you have heard of, there are lots of high production and low production birds out there! Tons!)


Mar 20, 2017
Hi, i have a question how many chickens would i need to get 25-50 eggs a day? i want to know so that i can get that many chicks lol
l plan on getting, leghorns, red stars , and barred Plymouth rocks from Murray Mc Murray hatchery
I suggest you get 50 chicks. It's a nice round number, and with those breeds you should get more than 25 eggs most days from 50 females, but you won't get more than 50 eggs.

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