How many days MUST a broody set? UPDATED with chick Pics

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    I have a silly question. Does a Broody hen need to be broody for a certain length of time? I have eggs in the bator due to hatch on 10/11. My Cochin Sylvia started her broodiness (crabbiness) on Saturday the 26th of September and started actually setting on September 30th. I would love to slip the bator eggs under her and let her finish the clutch hatch.

    So does her body need to be broody for 3 weeks, or if the eggs hatch “early” will her broody break? If I give them to her now, she would have been sitting on them for only 9 days -- 11 to 12 days into her broody cycle.
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  2. If you did this I would remove the eggs she was allready sitting on.
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    She is sitting on two duds which I would remove.
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    It all depends on the broody girl. I've heard of people whose hens are broody for 2-3 days and they can sneak hatchery chicks under them, other hens won't accept chicks until their internal clock says it's time. [​IMG]

    If it were me, I'd put the eggs under her when they're on day 17 or so. The hen/chick start to bond when they chirp to each other before the chick hatches, so I think you'd have the best chance of them bonding if you try that.

    Whatever you decide, just watch them closely.
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    ive done the same thing before with good results, i would try it and see what happens leave the bator running just in case, cochins are my favorite broodies and they always do a good job
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    Here she is, my adorable Sylvia. I put the eggs under her on Friday the second (day I asked the question) and the eggs started hatching on Friday the 9th, day 18 and finished on day 19. Out of 8 eggs who started their “brood” in the incubator, five hatched. One egg was no good, one partially developed and stopped, the last was fully formed but had not absorbed the yolk (HUGE chick).

    Her chicks are 3 Splash Orp Roo/EE hen cross and 2 of her actual own which are Splash Orp Roo and Cochin cross. (One of her cochin cross chicks I have stolen to be a house buddy to special needs Orp chick.)
    In her cat carrier nest:


    Today, after moving them into a larger space but before stealing a chick:

    [​IMG] For Cochins!
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    Oh, more awe [​IMG] I can't wait for a broody [​IMG]

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