How many days till I take them out


6 Years
Jan 25, 2014
I was seeing how many days do you all usually take your eggs out of the turners I have till may 14 for them to hatch now the date is 5-7 and jw if I should take them out or leave them in the turner
What breed are you hatching? You can stop turning the eggs 3 days before the expected hatch date. You can either turn your turners off. You can lay some sort of non skid material over the turners and put the eggs back on top of this material to hatch. Or you can move all the eggs to a hatcher. All this is done 3 days before the expected hatch date.
I have jumbo coturnix quail and ok I take my turner out when I hatch chicken eggs so 3 days before hatch date
Ok will it hurt to go 15 days with the turner

It wont make a lot of difference... I have lost track of time and had several hatch while riding the turner like a teeter totter..... They were fine but kinda pissy when they rolled out and fell to the bottom of the cabinet bator! ;-)
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So I haven't candled the eggs because my candler got broke when I moved so idk how many are good or not how would I know if they are good or not now

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