How many generations to good showgirls?


12 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
I've found a great source for TINY bantam naked necks. I'm looking to get blue silkies from George Mihalik. So I'm planning on starting to work on showgirls in the near future, with some really nice beginning stock. I haven't seen the naked neck birds yet, but the breeder says they're half the size of the other bantam naked necks that were at our fair last weekend, and those were just a little bigger than the OEGB's. So I think I'll be getting some really small showgirls out of the mix, and I can hardly wait to get started.

I think I understand the genetics of the silkie-feathered gene and the naked-neck gene. It would take two generations before I had any silkie feathered, naked necked birds. But how many generations before I could expect to have good quality showgirls - good-sized crests, five toes, black skin, walnut combs, etc.?


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