How many hens does a Banty Roo need


Apr 4, 2020
Snellville, GA
Okay, newbie struggles. I’ve decided to keep my standards separate from my bantams and since I ended up with a Roo and Two Hens instead of Three - I’m a little lost. I tried to find some as old as the ones I have (12-14 weeks), wasn’t gonna happen. So I got two Mottled D’uccles and a Golden Seabright from what I now think was a very shady breeder on Sunday. The Seabright died today.

Am I okay with One Moltted Cochin Bantam Roo, Two Moltted Cochin Bantam Hens and the Two Moltted D’uccles (if they live - fingers crossed)? Or do I need a few more ladies?


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Nov 27, 2012
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Successful male to female ratio varies.
Depends on the birds and sometimes the space they have.
Have space(s) ready to separate if needed, when it goes bad it can happen fast!

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