How many of us have a dog named haley or hailey?

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    i've just noticed that yet ANOTHER person has a dog named haley... me too! Mine is a border collie/black lab mix, and is fantastic with my birds. When she was a puppy, and the chickens were all chicks, she liked to leap over the 4' fence into the garden and grab a chick, then would leap back out and lick and chew the poor little chick until I'd come rescue it. then one day she accidentally killed one. She got in big, big trouble, and since then, has behaved wonderfully around all our chickens, big and small. She is very smart, and when we had a roo, loved to play chase with him... if he stopped running, so did she. I have noticed recently though, that our apenzeller spitzhauben who FREEZES at the slightest glance, is freezing for the dog, and Haley comes up and starts licking her and sniffing... ugh.. so we're working on that now... WHo else has a Haley?
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    We have a Haley [​IMG] She's a fabulous kid dog, and we are working on the chicken thing. This was two years ago:

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    Here is our HAILEY,she is our English Setter.She is our prissy little princess.During Storms she is in our bed between my husband and I,usually on my pillow.She knows that she is our girl.Hailey is 10 yrs old ans starting to show her age now.
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    My first dog was Hayley. She was a border collie/aussie mix, best dog I've ever known. She was great with kids, other dogs, smart as a whip. I miss her still, and it's been 10 years since she died.

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