How many silkies can u fit into a 1 ft x 1.5 ft area?


Obviously Insane
10 Years
Apr 30, 2009

Tonight I went to check on the silkie/showgirls at bedtime and close the door. They were all squeezed together into one tiny little area!
aparently my silkies dont folow that rule, they have the space but prefer to sleep hudled up in about the same amount of space yours were in.

The op has the space they just choose not to use it. Silly silkies
Nutty silkies. They are all about "the family bed". I must admit at first I was a little panicked. I thought that about 3/4 of them were missing. But when I looked in there were several little heads popped up in there.

Usually they will sleep in 2 or 3 piles, but it's getting pretty cool here at night, it was 44F last night. So I guess it's all about the big pig pile!

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