How much food can a chicken eat???

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    Jul 6, 2013
    Hi! I read a post that said someone had 36 chickens that ate 50 lb. of feed in 10 days. My chickens eat 3 times that much! 35 +- chickens, 8 young guineas and 1 turkey go through 3 bags of food in 10 days. And they come running when they see me coming in the golf cart. They are ready to eat!! How much should I be feeding them? They're eating us out of house and home!! :)
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    I don't know the answer to how much, but I do know that soaking or fermenting your feed can reduce the amount your birds consume.
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    Chickens will eat themselves stupid (or fat, or dead). Using fermented feed, I feed about 1/2 cup per bird per day (though they do have access to some free range in the day). Cooped birds should have a bit more, I'd suspect. I think the rule of thumb I've heard most often is 'as much as they can clean up in 15-20 minutes'.
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    I read somewhere the average chicken needs 100 grams of (dry) food per day.. mine get 3/4 of a (large) coffee can per day, plus about a cup of 'treats' (Corn, BOSS, Flax and Wheat mixed in Warm Milk), and that's split between 6 of them. A large bag of pellets lasts me 3-4 weeks.

    In the summer, when they free ranged 4 hrs per day, they got 1.5 Yogurt Containers (one is about 700G), and at that point I had 8 Chickens.
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    How is everyone calculating this 1/2 cup stuff? Chickens given nothing else eat 1/4 -1/3 of a pound per day. Does a1/2 cup of chicken feed weigh 4 ounces? Just because 1/2 liquid is 4 ounces, doesn't make 1/2 cup dry 4 ounces of food. I'm just curious, I think each type of dry ingredient put into a 1/2 cup dry measure would weigh a different amount. 1/2 cup dry will not necessarily equal 4 ounces of feed.
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    Couldn't tell ya, but because I feed daily - I just base it on how much (or little) is left in their pan at the end of each day.

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